The world of Senna

I stood at an intersection. Continue studying or go straight to work? I didn't know exactly what I wanted and which job would suit me.

Work experience as a Springboard

After completing my college education and an exciting minor in Thailand, where I was completely immersed in the local culture just outside Bangkok, I stood at a crossroads. Continue studying or go straight to work? I didn't know exactly what I wanted and which job would suit me. So I chose a middle path and started a traineeship in logistics.

In just two years I worked through four different positions within a large logistics organization, from project manager to operational manager. I thought that a position “higher up” would make me happier, but that turned out not to be the case for me. The more I worked in large teams with responsibilities and leadership tasks, the more I realized that this was not what I enjoyed.

My search for what I really liked led me to a role as a management assistant at Nightly. I feel completely at home in this position. I still have variety in my daily work, but no longer have a leadership role within the team.


Why Nightly?

When I discovered Nagtzaam, the website immediately appealed to me, but it was mainly the story of colleague Ruud that caught my attention. In a video on the website, Ruud talks about the balance between work and his private life. This is something I attach great importance to. The fact that Nagtzaam is a smaller-scale company, where I would work with smaller teams, also immediately appealed to me. During the application process, we tailored my employment conditions together and discussed the possibilities to shape my own development and career.

Watch Ruud's video

What Drives Me?

For me, it's all about variety in my daily work. Doing the same thing over and over quickly loses my interest. I am results-oriented and love seeing how we are progressing as an organization. What motivates me is the feeling that we are working together. Every colleague adds value from his or her knowledge and field, with a common goal in mind.

What I can do for customers

My work mainly takes place behind the scenes, but that does not mean that I am not of value to our customers. By ensuring that the internal organization runs smoothly, I help my colleagues to serve customers effectively. I am the one who answers general questions specifically and manages the internal administration.

Learning and Growing

My role in Nightly is extremely diverse. The industry is educational and I am getting a better understanding of how the internal organization works. I want to maintain a good work-life balance while continuing to grow and take on challenges.


The most remarkable moment of my career? That was at my previous employer when I discovered how colleagues with different nationalities and cultures deal with certain matters in the workplace. Take International Women's Day for example, where I saw several Eastern European colleagues sharing flowers and chocolate to celebrate working women's day. This reminded me how important it is to reflect on the team and the people around you outside of work.

My guilty pleasure? That means I'm a bit of a mourner. Although people often see me as neat, I also like action, DIY and camping. I enjoy active adventures, something that has attracted me since I was young.

Life Outside of Work

My home is currently a dusty construction site due to the renovation of our new house. Together with my boyfriend I am working to create our dream home, with a lot of help from our loving family. I'm looking forward to the end result; a nice place to receive our family and friends. In addition to doing odd jobs, I have been a fanatic about playing padel for a few years now. Here I can clear my head and of course have a nice drink after a fun match.

Finally, a tip for our colleagues:

Sometimes we get caught up in corporate silos in the workplace. Take some more time for personal conversations during the break. And for the work itself; do more, think less and above all action in the tent!

Senna van Zoggel, Management Assistant

Curious about more?

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