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We look ahead, into the future. We are organizational consultants with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are looking for new, enterprising colleagues.

Colleagues who want to discover the path to success and happiness for themselves, for our colleagues and our customers. The way in the world of Nagtzaam!

Be guided by your compass, the four wind directions are our pillars

Our world consists of so much more than numbers. We are organizational consultants with an entrepreneurial spirit. We look at goals and ambitions, at different routes and scenarios. We are on our way, looking ahead into the future. We smell opportunities, sense markets and taste successes together. We help you navigate your own way. We give the values of a sixth sense that you can rely on.

We are on the road together. Where do you want to go?

The four pillars
by nightly


When you think of accountants and tax specialists, you quickly think of lengthy spreadsheets and lots of numbers. But at Nagtzaam we go further than just those numbers. We believe in a cooperation with the customer that goes deeper. We formulate goals, see opportunities and taste successes. We are the confidant and think along with all aspects of the organization. In short, we are the sixth sense that the entrepreneur can rely on.

Our clientele consists largely of SMEs. Very diverse with manufacturing companies, service providers, real estate and catering.

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No one is a number with us! The right path is different for everyone. That is why we are flexible and grow with the ambitions of our colleagues. We create opportunities for the customer together. It doesn't matter who came up with the idea, as long as it's good for the customer. Loyalty, responsibility and participation are our core values.

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3. CSR

Corporate responsibility is a matter of course for us. Those who want to move forward will also have to look back at what they have left behind. We strive to improve society, of which we are also a part. We stimulate the local economy and are represented in numerous socio-cultural organizations and initiatives. Art, culture, education, sport and welfare are important aspects of our society.

4. Network

We have the drive to contribute to the success of our customers and our network. Because only together can we move forward at full speed. We put quality, knowledge and experience first and we share this! We are active in regional networks and regularly organize sparring sessions, knowledge sessions, (network) meetings and events.

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CHOOSE your own
working conditions

We know better than anyone that the right route is not the same for everyone. That is why you can draw up your personal employment conditions with us. What is important to you in your life? Do you want to buy a house soon? Are you expecting family expansion? Are you thinking about your retirement? Do you want to work more or less?

Always a permanent contract

We believe in building real relationships. With us you immediately get a permanent contract. As an employer, we are loyal to our colleagues, think along about your private situation and help you with your challenges. Together with your coach, manager, HRM specialist and/or employment expert, we organize your work-life balance as optimally as possible.

Determine your own salary

We do not like an hourly invoice mentality, but like to make performance agreements. If you indicate how much salary you want, and what you can deliver and mean in the organization for this, we will sign your contract for an indefinite period and add a hefty bonus if you achieve these achievements!

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    Our core values



    We are committed to each other and are loyal to each other as colleagues, to ourselves and to customers.



    At Nagtzaam you get responsibility, you take it.



    If you are active and you have good ideas, you will certainly be involved in realizing them.

    3 benefits of
    To work at Nightly

    1. your route

    A lot is possible at Nagtzaam. We grow with your ambitions. There is a large training budget and there are various growth opportunities. With us you develop your own career, performance agreements and follow your own route. Together with your internal coach, you review your ambitions and goals. Are you in a good position? Then we are satisfied!

    2. Open culture

    Culture is important, and culture is what we shape. With us, no one is a number and everyone counts. There is mutual respect and appreciation, an open culture is encouraged. We celebrate successes together! We are loyal, responsible and each participate at our own level. And do you have a good idea for the organization? Then you will definitely be involved in the implementation!

    3. Always a permanent contract

    Extra vacation days? Working from home? Permanent contract? We think it's important that you feel good about yourself. Together we look for the best balance between your work and your private situation. And we do that with good terms of employment; a cafeteria model, pension scheme, year-end bonus, holiday allowance of 8,33% and loyalty bonus.

    Our approach is never
    short through the bend

    An entrepreneur does not just need an accountant or tax specialist, but one who knows exactly what is going on within the company and who, in addition to the figures, is also guided by an entrepreneurial feeling. An advisor who tastes successes together and who has the value of a sixth sense!